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Announcing!!! Automatic bank draft paying known as Automated Clearing House (ACH) is now available. Please call the office to start the set-up. This is electronic payments that are created when the customer gives an originating institution or corporation the authorization to debit directly from the customer's checking or saving account for the purpose of bill payment.

Our water is the best! At the 49th meeting of the Central West Texas Regional Water School, the City of Abilene, from who we purchase our water, took the honor for the best surface water for cities over 10,000 residences. This is not just by chance because the water is persistently being measured and checked for the quality and purity. System facilities are in constant checking and upgrading. We have recently finished the inside refurbishing of two major ground water storage tanks.

We passed the tests! Congratulations to our system manager, Will Rawlins, for passing the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality system inspection with no problem found. This inspection is in the field on the lines and into the paperwork of required reports. Our manager spends a lot of time in the office working on reports and planning. Great job Will!

The water meter that serves your residence or business is at the end of the water corporation’s system maintenance. Beyond the meter it is your water system for maintenance. Notice the word “maintenance”. Your water system needs to meet the codes and qualifications just as the main distribution system needs to meet regulations and specifications. This is for the safety of you and the community’s water. New construction or remodeling involving plumbing requires inspection prior to obtaining or continuing public water utility service. Your water system Manager may perform this inspection service or you may choose your favorite plumber. Yes, there is a nominal fee.