Being a Member


Any person, partnership, cooperative corporation, corporation, agency, or public or private organization who holds a membership in the Corporation and who is a record owner of a fee simple title to the property served, that has qualified for service and been certified as a member in accordance with the Corporation's Tariff. (TX Water Code Section 13.002(11), TX Water Code Section 67.016 d)


A Membership Certificate issued from the Corporation evidencing a Member's interest in the Corporation. (Section E.7.b) [Business Organizations Code Sections 22.053, 22.151(c)] This is a very important document. If you should sell your property with water service this Certificate may be transferred to the new owner for only a small fee. If not used the new owner faces expensive costs to obtain water service.

Voting Ability

A person may own more than one membership but each member shall be entitled to only one (1) vote regardless of the number of memberships owned. This vote is to elect the Board of Directors which oversee management of the water supply corporation according to regulations and benefit of the members. This vote may also be used when amendments to the Bylaws is needed.

Membership Responsibility

Privacy Policy

Members have the option of making the their address, telephone number, account records, confidential (social security numbers are not recorded). {TX Utility Code Confidential, Subchapter B. 182.052 (a)} You may request that personal information in our utility records not be released to unauthorized persons. This is done at the office on a form. Such confidentiality does not prohibit WSC from disclosing the name and address of each member on a list to be made to the Corporationís voting members, or their agents or attorneys, by request in connection with any annual or special meeting of the Corporationís members.